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Peters' Corps - Historical Background

In May 1777, a leading American refugee, John Peters of Vermont, was selected by General John Burgoyne to raise a regiment of rangersGen. John Burgoyne to serve with his army in the invasion which was about to start. One month later, Peters was appointed Lieutenant Colonel, and his regiment, officially known as the Queen's Loyal Rangers, was ordered to join the army at St. Johns. In less than one month, over 300 refugees had enlisted.

Most American loyalists were used in rear areas, but it was a mark of the high regard in which Colonel Peters was held that the rangers were assigned to serve with General Fraser's Advance Corps, together with the British Light Infantry, and Brunswick Jaegers.

The regiment took part in the operations around Ft. Ticonderoga, and at the Battles of Hubbardton and Bennington, always in the thick of the fight. Over 600 men served in the regiment from May 1777 through the Battle of Saratoga, after which some 90 survivors made their way to Canada. This ended the regiment's active participation in the revolution.

However, Captain Justus Sherwood and men of his company, continued to serve in the Champlain Valley until the end of the war. Sherwood served as Chief of Intelligence to Governor Haldimand during this period, and his men took part in many raids and intelligence operations in northern New York and Vermont.

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Peters' Corps - Where we are today

In 1976, Captain Sherwood's company of the Queen's Loyal Rangers was re-activated to take part in the Bicentennial of the AmericanSome of the Regiment at Sturbridge MA Revolution. Our company is comprised of men-at-arms as well as women and children who serve as camp followers. We are part of the Brigade of the American Revolution, an international group of over two thousand living historians. We take part in numerous Brigade events each year, plus a number of local events.

Great emphasis is placed on authenticity of clothing and behavior, and many of our members have also re-created trades and crafts of the 18th century. One aspect of life in the 18th century that continues today is the preparation of food. To view our collection of period recipes, click here.

Most of us live in western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut. Our local events are mostly in these areas. Brigade events range from Virginia to Canada. To view our current year calendar of events, click here.

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As was the case in 1777, some of the men of the regiment wear the red coat faced green, round hat cocked up on the left, and belly box which were given to the first 80 recruits in 1777. The rest of the men, the ladies and the children of the regiment wear civilian clothes like those worn by our 18th century counterparts when they fled to Canada.

The greatest possible assistance is given to new recruits in making their clothing and assembling their accoutrements and muskets. Our goal is to make the Peters' Corps experience a thoroughly enjoyable one for our members, and to educate the public in all aspects of 18th century life, civilian as well as military.

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Contact Information

If you'd like more information about our unit, please contact:

Brian Zawodniak, Sergeant
PO Box 185
Stafford Springs, CT 06076

Phone: (860) 869-1299

To correspond electronically with Peters Corps':
Brian Zawodniak, Sergeant


For technical problems with this site, contact Dan Moraski:

Dan Moraski, Adjutant & Webmaster

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